What Are Some Good Reasons To Do a Rent to Own?


We have listed a couple very good reasons why Rent to Own will work for you, by no means are these the only situations why our Rent to Own program will work for you, we understand your situation is unique.

Very Little or Challenged Credit

If you have very little or some tarnished credit our Rent to Own program will give you the opportunity to rebuild your credit and give you the time and ability to then get a much better interest rate and payment on a mortgage you might not have been able to get approved for.


You might be just moving to the area and you just aren’t sure if you want or where you will buy but you don’t want to just throw away all your rent payments. With our Rent to Own program at least you will have the option to purchase once you realize the home is your perfect home.

New Business Owner

You might just have a unique situation for instance if you just recently started up your own business and you don’t have those full 2 years of tax returns that most lenders require to qualify for a mortgage.

Enter Here Your Own Unique Situation

You might just have a unique situation, we will work with you with this situation and work on a plan to get you on our Rent to Own program so you can enjoy the benefits of your own home and begin the joy of home ownership.

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  1. Chays
    6 years ago

    I have spoken with the owner of the home I rent. I have asked about Renting to own and the owner has entertained the idea and welcome moving ahead. My family and I love the home, my daughters school is literally in-site and its a beautiful neighborhood! We love it! With that said we have existing credit issues that need be cleared up. Thankfully, its not unrealistic to have this cleared up in a years time, it is just recovering from a lay-off and getting things back on track. Is this a ideal situation to get into right now and what are the likely chances of getting approved for our own financing when the time comes?

    • Scott Scanlon
      6 years ago


      That sounds like a great situation and glad to hear you found the perfect home.

      Here’s the best advice I can give you. If you haven’t yet don’t wait to talk to and get a consultation with 2 main people. A mortgage professional and a credit specialist. Do this before you decide on this home or doing a rent to own. While they wont be able to guarantee anything at a future date what they will be able to do is to share with you what you are up against. They will also know what it takes to get qualified now and what it might take in 2-3 years down the road.

      I think this is a perfect time to do any type of owner financed deal. The key is to do all this well in advance so you can plan and start to position yourself for the best approval steps. The 2 people I mentioned above will have a much more informed decision than what I could give as to you getting approved for financing. Generally though financing is starting to relax a bit as the government is trying to help put in anyway to ensure the housing market stays stable.

      Does that help?