How Does Owner Financing Work?

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  1. Vaness

    So a rent to own and lease option is the same thing?

  2. Scott Scanlon

    Typically a contract type deal is a better option than a rent to own or a rent to buy. It depends on the down payment, length of time, etc., everything being equal a contract deal is always before a rent to own. It gives you more of the ownership rights (in most states) and also tends to be much better as far as cashing out and bringing in your own financing.

  3. jdllgkp

    Found your site from Yahoo, I have a question. what is better a rent to buy and land contract? I have a home I like an the owner wanted to do rent to buy but I thought land contract was better.

  4. Hellen Huitz

    Thanks for this, I get this a little more now. I have a quick question. Does owner financing work good even in today’s market where i’m not sure if houses are going to be worth as much in a few years.