How Does Owner Financing Work?

Owner Financing is when an owner of a property participates in all, some, or gives the option for the purchase of a property for a buyer. Owner financing is also known as owner will carry, owner financed, and owner will carry note. There are really three main types of owner financing and I give you an in-depth analysis of each in my book, but for a great overview of the three most common please view below:

Contracts: Land Contract, Contract for Deed, Deed For Title

This form of financing by the seller has many benefits for the buyer and seller alike. A a buyer your right to the property is secured by a contract that you have with the seller of the property. This contract should include all the agreement and terms of transfer between the buyer and seller.

More information on Contract type owner financing

Lease Option, Rent to Own, Rent to Buy, Lease to Own

While not a full form of owner financing a lease option or rent to own is a great way to get some of the benefits of financing. Rent to own has become a popular way for many owners to sell their property given the current real estate market. In my book I give you many tips and pointers you will need to know if you are considering buying a home on a lease option. A lease option is a great option if you lack a larger down payment often required by contract type financing or can’t obtain financing for a owner carry back explained below.

Learn more about lease options and rent to own

Seller or Owner Carry Back

A seller carry back typically requires you to have some decent credit. Most seller carry backs involve the buyer obtaining a first mortgage and asking the seller to carry back a second or even third mortgage. In my book I go in detail on what forms of carry backs are most common, how you can find carry backs, and why an seller carry back is one of the best forms of owner financing.

Get the details of owner seller carry back

Here’s What You Must Know When Buying an Owner Financed Home

These are just some of the basic things you will learn when you read my book How to Buy Owner Financed Homes, audio book, and Contract Gotcha's Series. If you are serious about finding a new home on seller financing knowing the ins and outs of Contract type, rent to own, or seller carry back transactions then this package is a must.

Unfortunately, just finding a home where the seller will carry is the first step. What you do after you find the home and the key steps you NEED to take to protect yourself and your family can be found in my book.

You will learn more details on how a lease options (rent to own), contract for deeds, seller carry backs actually work. Plus key points of negotiation, key phrases in contracts and term gotcha’s, as well as how to protect yourself and your family through the full term of the agreement with the seller.

Here’s What You Get…

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If for any reason you aren’t totally convinced that this is the single best product out there for learning how to buy an owner financed home, I insist that you return the course for a full refund (less s/h). It’s simple, if you aren’t happy, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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  1. Vaness

    So a rent to own and lease option is the same thing?

  2. Scott Scanlon

    Typically a contract type deal is a better option than a rent to own or a rent to buy. It depends on the down payment, length of time, etc., everything being equal a contract deal is always before a rent to own. It gives you more of the ownership rights (in most states) and also tends to be much better as far as cashing out and bringing in your own financing.

  3. jdllgkp

    Found your site from Yahoo, I have a question. what is better a rent to buy and land contract? I have a home I like an the owner wanted to do rent to buy but I thought land contract was better.

  4. Hellen Huitz

    Thanks for this, I get this a little more now. I have a quick question. Does owner financing work good even in today’s market where i’m not sure if houses are going to be worth as much in a few years.