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  1. Intro to Owner Financed Homes (6:31)
  2. Real Estate Ownership (13:42)
  3. What is Owner Financing?(6:59)
  4. All About Owner/Seller Carry Backs (25:52)
  5. Contract for Deeds and Contract Type Deals Explained (18:05)
  6. Rent to Own or Lease Options Explained (33:54)
  7. How Much Can You Afford and Buying Tips (12:51)
  8. Your Secret Weapon… Creating Your Home Buying Packet(21:29)
  9. How to Find Owner Financed Homes (9:12)
  10. Secret and Hidden Ways to Find Owner Financed Homes (20:37)
  11. Negotiation Tips for Owner Financing (1:09:50 – 1 HOUR 10 minutes of negotiation tips) BONUS CONTENT
  12. Verifying Value of an Owner Financed Home(9:39)
  13. Verifying Ownership and Other Pitfalls You Must Know (17:20)
  14. Secrets to Verifying Financing and Carrying Costs (24:03)
  15. Closing the Deal and After You Move In (11:28)


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