Unfortunately Many Owners and Sellers Wished You Did NOT Know What Was in My Book!

The real estate market has made bank financing a nightmare, the endless signing of forms, the often times confusing process and with the near weekly changes of approval criteria for a mortgage makes wonder what you can finance and what you can’t. Just about every US Real Estate market has been taken for a wild ride, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to let up any time soon.

Sure you can try to wait out the storm but sometimes you just have to move. Or possibly such as times like today it is once in a lifetime the right time to buy a home. It might be time to consider buying a new home on owner financing. Now unless you have bought or sold a home on Seller Financing you might not realize that it has its own pitfalls as well.

This home in Dallas was bought on owner financing

First off, let us say you want to turn to a real estate agent for help. Well very few agents are well versed with the true inner workings of a successful owner financing transaction. Here is a simple test to try for yourself.

Ask any real estate agent how many deals in the last year he or she did that involved owner or seller financing? How about the last two years, or three, or four years?

I bet the number wont be high, in fact there are quite a few real estate agents scrambling to learn all they can about owner financing. Many Real Estate Agents feel that is where the market is heading, at least for the next few years.

You Can Own a Home Without the Bank!

Now moving on is the next piece of the owner/seller financed puzzle, you have the owner to deal with. Please do not take this as a slam on owners who offer owner financing, in fact a honest reputable owner should be glad you are reading this. A truly reputable property owner offering financing will want you to be as informed as possible.

Scott Scanlon, Author of How to Buy Owner Finance Homes (and Bonuses)

It makes the whole process go a lot smoother for both parties. One of the main problems in an owner financed house is you have just met the owner, you know nothing about their previous business arrangements, their reputation, or really anything at all with someone who you will be tied and obligated to for possibly many years to come.

See buying a home on owner financing is quite different than going to the bank or mortgage broker for your loan.

If I were to guess; the fact you were searching for a owner financing home means you most likely are not able to get financing right now. Please I don’t want you to feel like you are alone there are a lot of people in your same situation, trust me I know, I help them find home’s every single day!

There is just One Problem. Most People are NOT Experts with Owner Financing.

That is why I am proud to release:

How to Buy Owner Financed Homes (with Special Bonuses)


  • Full and Complete Overview of How Owner Financing Works.. In this section you will learn expert insight into Owner Financed properties, homes, and houses? What are your most common options and how exactly do these options work. What is the benefit of a contract for deed, deed for title, or land contract type deal over a rent to own (lease option) or a seller carry back? Also which one of these types of seller carry financing is the best fit for your personal situation.
  • Is Owner Financing Right For You?. Are you ready to get into a home right now and is if so what type of home owner financing is right for you. The two main items I cover in these chapters are:
    • Buying an Owner Financed Home – What does it mean for you and your family.
    • Selling On Owner Financing – What it means for the Seller and understanding this will help you negotiate and find your new home much easier?
  • Get Prepared to Buy Now : All you need to know for planning and finding the perfect home. Here you learn step by step the overview of what you need in order to find that perfect home. This section will help you make the search and offer process as seamless as possible.
  • How to Find Owner Financed Homes and Houses (traditional means). What are the most common ways to find owner financed homes available? For instance you found this page either by first visiting a site like CraigsList.com or by a Google search.  In this chapter we explore those options.
  • The Secret Ways of Finding Owner Financing Homes and Houses No One Tells You . This chapter alone makes the book worth the read. I give you the inside tips on how you can find owner financing homes no one knows about? This is how the savvy real estate investors do it. How can this be possible? Well think about it, you see an Ad on Craig’s List, the owner of this ad might be getting some decent amount of response, so remember when responding you are just one of many. But what if you could find owner financed homes that are great homes but very few people are inquiring about? Here in this section I give you the true secrets on how and where to find these homes.
Special Bonus 1 – Audio Book Version

The number one request is now fulfilled. Not only to you get the How to Buy Owner Financing Homes Book you now get 5+ hours of tips and advice on buying an owner financed home.

Instant Download! over 15 audio files you can take with you and listen on your own time. Filled with the information and tips you need to know to successfully buy your new home…

  1. Intro to Owner Financed Homes (6:31)
  2. Real Estate Ownership (13:42)
  3. What is Owner Financing?(6:59)
  4. All About Owner/Seller Carry Backs (25:52)
  5. Contract for Deeds and Contract Type Deals Explained (18:05)
  6. Rent to Own or Lease Options Explained (33:54)
  7. How Much Can You Afford and Buying Tips (12:51)
  8. Your Secret Weapon… Creating Your Home Buying Packet(21:29)
  9. How to Find Owner Financed Homes (9:12)
  10. Secret and Hidden Ways to Find Owner Financed Homes (20:37)
  11. Negotiation Tips for Owner Financing (1:09:50 – 1 HOUR 10 minutes of negotiation tips) BONUS CONTENT
  12. Verifying Value of an Owner Financed Home(9:39)
  13. Verifying Ownership and Other Pitfalls You Must Know (17:20)
  14. Secrets to Verifying Financing and Carrying Costs (24:03)
  15. Closing the Deal and After You Move In (11:28)

In this audio book version that you get instant access too I go into detail about everything that is in the book.

Special Bonus 2 – Downloadable Contracts & Contract Gotcha’s Video Series

Over 3+ hours of step by step, line by line walk thru’s of real actual contracts. Here I show you the top things you should look out for to protect yourself and your family when buying an owner financed home.
  • Learn how to spot the biggest hidden “fine print” gotcha’s in owner financing
  • Get access to actual real Rent to Own/Lease Option Contracts
  • Also included is an example Contract for Deed
  • 3+ video hours of line by line, paragraph by paragraph walk through of example contracts you can watch online or download instantly to keep forever

I’ve created what could be considered the most complete packages for helping you buy an owner financed home. It’s easy to get access to all the things I just shared with you above. To buy right now simply click the Add to Cart Button below.

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“Thank you so much for your book How to Buy Owner Financed Homes, we put it to good use. We just moved in and got the internet connection up and running and we had to send you off a quick note. We bought our new home on a contract for deed using the strategies you taught us in the book. We can’t thank you enough…”
Krause Family & Farmington, MN
“Great book, I have suggested your book hundreds of times over the last year. Since the market has turned here in Minnesota owner financing has become more and more popular. As an agent with deep known ledge in this subject I was very pleased to read your books in depth explanation of the most common forms of owner financing. Your books is great and I would recommend it to anybody considering owner financing, it gives you piece of mind that you know what to look for.”
Jason Moss & Real Estate Agent, Exit Reality
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for writing How to Buy Owner Financed Homes, as a single parent of two I thought it would be years and years before I would ever own another home. Now I am a proud owner of a 3 bed, 2 bath home and and both my kids now have their very own room. I don’t think I could have done it without your book. and you asked for us if we sent you a note share the terms we got, the terms I got are amazing, for the first two years… excerpt taken from e-mail (spelling and grammatical errors in original)”
Katie Davis & Sacramento, CA
“I wanted to send you a email to tell you that your book helped me structure a seller carry back mortgage. I was approved for my dream home, then the lender kept pushing back the closing date. Then the worst happened, the lender went out of business. That’s when I found your book. I bought it and read it that night.

The next day my agent, their agent, myself and the seller sat down and worked out all the details of the second lein. I wish I would have remembered some more of your negotiating tips because the ones I used worked great. My realtor was even impressed that we got such good terms even in this market. I recommend for anybody who is considering buying or even selling with owner financing to buy and read your book. excerpt taken from e-mail”

Devon Moore & Chula Vista, CA

I have set out the road map for you to use so that you can have a clear understanding of how to buy owner financed homes. If you are going to be buying owner financing homes, houses, townhomes, or condos and you don’t buy my book please educate yourself as much as possible about the ins and outs of owner financing.

  • How to Buy Owner Financed Homes Book
  • Instant Access to 5+ Hour AudioBook
  • Downloadable Example Contracts (Rent to Own, Lease Option, and Contract for Deed)
  • 3+ Hour Contract Gotcha Video Series (line by line contract tutorials)
  • Special Bonus: I’ll add over an hour of Negotiating Secrets to get the best deal when buying an owner financed home.

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Examine The How to Buy Owner Finance Package (Ebook, AudioBook, and Contract Gotcha Series) for two full months. Learn all of the powerful

things you need to know to protect yourself and your family when buying an owner financed home. Discover the little know ins and outs of finding deals, negotiating your new home, and verifying your buying the right home.

If for any reason you aren’t totally convinced that this is the single best product out there for learning how to buy an owner financed home, I insist that you return the course for a full refund (less s/h). It’s simple, if you aren’t happy, you get your money back, no questions asked.